SDCC 2017: Transformers Power of the Primes

TFW2005 has posted photos of the new reveals at the Hasbro booth at San Diego Comic Con 2017. Hasbro has revealed the new line of Transformers for 2018 under the Power of the Primes brand.  The newest incarnation of Transformers Generations will feature the ability to use the Prime Masters for added play value.  The various sparks will be released alongside the various figures throughout the line next year.

Each Leader Class figure will include a different version of the Matrix of Leadership as well as Prime Master.  The line will also introduce a new line of Pretenders, which will now be named Decoy Suits. 

The new reveals include:

Decoy Suits

  • Skullgrin 


  • Beachcomber


  • Jazz
  • Dreadwing 
  • Blackwing (Darkwing)


  • Starscream


  • Rodimus Prime (With New Deluxe Hot Rod Mold)


Source: TFW2005

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