SDCC 2019: Batman Beyond Blu-Ray Remaster Set

Happy Thursday heroes! Today, we have some news coming out of San-Diego Comic-Con on a Batman Beyond Blu-Ray remaster set. To quote some information from IGN:

Comprising 1,500 minutes of Batman Beyond across four discs, the set will also include 2 discs of bonus content including a remastered version of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker and 15 featurettes about the series. Four episodes of the core series will also receive audio commentary from executive producer Bruce Timm and members of the production team. The physical release also includes a Batman Beyond Funko Pop with chrome paint and four lenticular art cards.

It should also be noted that eleven episodes have been damaged over time, which means that will have better imaging, but not completely remastered. Fans, can check out the YouTube video down below to compare and contrast the differences between the original with the remastered versions.

Now, the digital editions will cost $49.99 USA. Whereas, the Blu-Ray set will cost $99.99. For those with the DC Universe app, the remastered series will be made available for streaming on August 23rd. Finally, the digital set will be released on October 15, while the Blu-Ray is released on October 29th.


Overall, this is very schway for Batman Beyond to receive a Blu-Ray Remaster set for the series’ anniversay! Yet, if friends of mine love me, Brian, they will surely buy this for me this holiday season. However, until the next post I am Ben and I am out!


Source: IGN

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