SDCC 2019: Black Widow Film

The Black Widow film showed some footage at SDCC! So far the film has been filming for 30 days and the fights are brutal. The folks saw Natasha vs Yelena and then Natasha vs Taskmaster. Now, this film has my attention since I love Taskmaster. In addition, there is some footage of Budapest. Overall, I have not been excited about this film, as I just feel like if they were going to do it they should have done this years ago. Back then Black Widow was “hot” on the market, with fans desperately asking for her to receive; like the Black Widow movie should have came out during Phase two instead of four. Especially now with the character being dead post Endgame. I think I will still go see it, but it is not a film I would not mind just watching at home.


Black Widow, the mission starts May 1, 2020. So, fans grab your tickets when they go up for pre-order in possibly January. Nevertheless, we are still a long ways before this film hits theaters.

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