SDCC 2019: Marvel WHAT IF…?

We have learned some more details about the upcoming MCU animated series. The series is set to star Jeffrey Wright as The Watcher. Now, this is the first animated series that is going to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so I am interested in seeing what type of animation they will be using. We could have an anthology film with different episodes using different animation styles implemented. Yet, as long as it is not like the current Avengers Assemble/ Spider-Man show then I will be happy; it is not like I did not enjoy those styles, I just want something different for once.

In terms of other cast members for the animated series, it is opened to everyone in the MCU. Essentially, we could get some characters like Killmonger, Yondu, or even Tony Stark making an appearance. It is a ‘What If series’ after all, so anything and everything could happen in this animated world.



Source: Marvel


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