Star Trek Playmates Toys Retrospective Part 1: 1992-1993 [Soundout Review]

The year was 1992, Star Trek: The Next Generation was running strong, more Star Trek was on the way and Playmates Toys was having success with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These two high points in their respective history resulted in the now famous Playmates Toys Star Trek toy line. Lasting from 1992-1999, the line encompassed every television series and film for the Star Trek universe at the time. With the news that Playmates Toys will be returning to make a brand-new Star Trek line-up for 2022, Soundout12 is taking a deep look into the history of this long-running toy line.


Now, Part 1 of this video series will cover the first two years of the line. This includes The Next Generation Series 1 & 2, Ships, Role-Play and Play Sets, as well as the Original Series Action Figure Box Set. The series is planned to be six parts long, and we hope that fans will all be along for the ride!

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