Star Trek: Prodigy Villain Cast Members Announced

The official Star Trek website has updated with an announcement of the villain cast for Star Trek: Prodigy.  For those who are not aware, the series is an upcoming animated series that will premiere on Paramount+ and Nickelodeon later this year.  As reported earlier the first season of the series will consist of 10 episodes. John Noble has been cast as “The Diviner,” while Jimmi Simpson has been cast as “Drednok”

The website also provided short descriptions for the characters.

John Noble as “The Diviner”

A ruthless tyrant who controls the asteroid of Tars Lamora, The Diviner exploits wayward species and will stop at nothing in his hunt for the Protostar ship, no matter the cost. Though his goals are shrouded in mystery, his body is failing him and he created his progeny, Gwyn, to one day carry on his mission when she is ready for it.

Jimmi Simpson as Drednok

The Diviner’s deadly robotic enforcer is heartless and cold. His sole purpose is to keep The Diviner on task and ensure that the Protostar is found. Drednok is a friend to no one, including The Diviner’s own daughter Gwyn and uses his menacing spider-like form to impose The Diviner’s will.

Source: Star Trek

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