Super Sentai Hero Mama League Spinoff Film Announced

Toei has recently announced a new spinoff project, which features several well known Toku actresses.

The new project titled, “Hero Mama League,” will feature:

  • Nao Nagasawa: Hurricane Blue
  • Ayumi Kinoshita: Deka Yelow
  • Ayumi Beppu: Magi Pink

The staff includes:

  • Hachiharu Tomomi: Original Work
  • Koichiro Hayama: Director
  • Hidenori Kuwabara: Sound Design
  • Hideaki Tsukada: Producer
  • Masahiro Murase: Stylest
  • Fumio Matsumura: Camera Operator

The film revolves around the three sentai heroines as mothers who must focus on their heroic duties while balancing their time with both their work and taking care of their families. Things soon turn worse as the evil Space Shinobu Demost appears to take over the Earth.

The film will serve as a prologue to the upcoming KyuRanger VS Space Squad film.

Hero Mama League is set to release on the Toei Net Fan Club website on May 13.

Source: Toei, Tokunation

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