Super7 Deluxe Toxic Crusader & Voltron Previews Revealed

Earlier today, Super7 unveiled official images of two of their upcoming new Deluxe 7 Inch figures. They will soon be releasing Toxie from Toxic Crusaders and Lion Voltron from Voltron: Defender of the Universe.  

For those who are not aware, Toxie is the main character from the short lived animated series simply titled, Toxic Crusaders. The series is based on the live-action comedy splatter film,”The Toxic Avenger,” and its sequels. The series premiered in March 1991 and ended in May the same year with a total of 13 episodes.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe is the American adaptation of Beast King Go-Lion, which is an anime series that aired in 1981. The series was later spun into various other adaptations such as Voltron: Third Dimension in 1998, Voltron Force in 2011, and the Netflix original Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Both figures will be available for pre-order starting on June 10 via Super7’s official web store and pre-orders will close on June 30. Those who are interested should check out the official Super7 website for more details.

Source: Super7

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