Supergirl Ending with Season Six

We have some news about the upcoming season of Supergirl. The series starring the girl of steel is ending with it’s six season. It comes to a shock too many fans that this series is ending but I know rating wise the show hasn’t been doing too great compared to The Flash and Arrow. I’m hoping that some characters like Nia, Alex, and Kelly get a solid story-line this season. I felt last season each of them were put in the background. I can’t even tell you what Alex and Kelly arc from season five was since I honestly can’t remember them having much to do. I know last season we got stuff on Brainiac which was nice along with Lena Luthor character development. So I’m hoping the series ends on a good note. Here’s Melissa Benoist with her thoughts on the final season and how this role has impacted her life. As always I’m Ben and I’m looking forward to seeing Kara take flight one last time.

Source: Deadline

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