Takara Tomy – Pokémon Sun & Moon Z Ring Toy Announced

Takara Tomy has recently announced that they will be making the Pokémon Sun & Moon Z-Rings and Z-Crystals as toys.  They will feature sounds and will also feature vibration as well as the ability to light up.  Those who watched the previous trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon will recognize these devices as the method to perform Z-Moves.   There are 18 different Z-Crystals based on the multiple types of Pokémon in the games. These products will be released on November 18 to coincide with the release of the games.

The prices for the products are:

Pokemon Sun & Moon Takara Tomy Z-Ring Logo

  • Z-Ring + Z-Crystal (Electric) Combo – 2,600 Yen
  • Special Set (Includes Z-Ring + Z- Crystals – Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Fighting, Normal,  + Collection Box) – 4,490 Yen
  • Z-Crystal Vol. 1 (Steel, Rock Poison) – 599 Yen
  • Z-Crystal Vol. 2 (Steel, Rock, Poison) – 599 Yen 

Takara Tomy will be releasing more crystals in 2017.    It has been hinted that these products will also be released in Europe and North America, but no other details about the western release has been confirmed at this time.  The Z-Ring and Z-Crystals will also be able to interact with the game.

EDIT : The Z-Ring is currently up for preorder on Gamestop for $32.99 and includes three Z-Crystals and a Pikachu PVC Tomy figure.   Z-Crystal packs are also available on Gamestop for $6.99.

Source: Perfectly Nintendo, Takara Tomy

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