Takara Tomy Teases New Zoid Project

Interesting news appeared earlier today, when Takara Tomy revealed a new teaser page for Zoids. The page alludes to a new upcoming project for the franchise which has fans questioning if it’s new manga series, anime, or video game as well as proper infighting on which era/anime was the best. Now, personally I hope it is anything from the three debated ideas, and not simply just brand new highly stylized kits line like we have been receiving over the past four to six years inspired by the beloved Chaotic Century and New Century Zero type Zoids; because we honestly need a new series or a reboot in general to revitalize a real interest in the series to the current generation. Check back for more details, as the story will surely be constantly developing within the next few weeks to months.

ZOIDS coming soon

Source: Crunchyroll

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