The Batman Cast Jeffrey Wright Commissioner Gordon

We have some casting news coming out of the upcoming The Batman film being directed by Matt ReevesJeffrey Wright is set to play Commissioner Gordon which is a surprising casting choice. I know comic book purist are probably upset about this casting, but I do not care. I will admit I used to feel as though comic book movies and television shows had to be exactly like the comic books; with each adaptation having to follow the books to the point where what I wanted was just a live-action version of the comic book I read. I wanted to know all the twist and turns before it would be on the big or small screen.


Yet, years later I realized that comic book characters are made to stand the test of time. That characters can be reinvented for a new generation to grasp onto. Now, the hardest part is being okay with it. I realized I do not own DC Comics, Marvel Comics, or any comic book company. These characters do not belong to me and me only. These characters were made for everyone and should be treated as such, so I have let go of how I want some characters to look when it comes to live-action. So, long as they cast the correct actor for the job, I am good to go. The only issue I would have is if a character who’s race is an important aspect, such as Black Panther or Storm, are to be played by an actor/ actress that is not black; it would be an issue since there are so few ‘people of color’ characters in comics to begin with, as compared to their white counterparts.



Nevertheless, with all that said, I am looking forward to this Batman film which is something I did not think was possible! However, it is something due to its casting of characters, that is the reason why I am interested. Currently, we have Batman, Riddler, Catwoman, and now they are joined by Commissioner Gordon. I am curious to see what other actors will be joining this cast, and what characters they will eventually play. I have enjoyed Jeffrey’s work on Westworld, so I know I will not be disappointed by his performance.


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