The Game Riffers E3 2017 Schedule Promo

With E3 2017 just around the corner, The Geek Fighters, a.k.a. The Game Riffers have finally decided on a schedule of what they are covering from the event! From Sunday, June 11th to Tuesday, June 13th, we’ll be covering Microsoft, Bethesda, The PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo before the showroom floor goes live for everyone! Be sure to stick with us during those times when we go live, because it will be a blast. There will be pre-show, and post-show reactions featuring guests like Hero Club founders, and members from RVT. It will surely be a blast, and all that one needs to do is to tune-in to our Twitch Channel!

-Sunday; June 11, 2017-

  • Microsoft Press Conference: 4:30 PM EST/1:30 PM PST
  • Bethesda Press Conference: 11:30 PM EST/8:30 PM PST

-Monday; June 12, 2017-

  • The PC Gaming Show: 11:30 AM EST/8:30 AM PST
  • Ubisoft Press Conference: 3:30 PM EST/12:30 PM PST
  • Sony Press Conference: 8:30 PM EST/5:30 PM PST

-Tuesday; June 13, 2017-

  • Nintendo Spotlight E3 Presentation: 11:30 AM EST/8:30 AM PST

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