The Geek Fighters’ Road to E3 2018 the Complete Series

Here is the entire playlist for the Geek Fighters’ Road to E3 2018; a series of videos encompassing the Geek Fighters’ predictions for E3. These four videos focus on Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and the third party companies. In addition, Hero Club’s very own Metal Ninja, and Wheelchair 21 join us for these shows, as well as other guests. One could say our rotation of guests is a virtual game of musical chairs. Viewers can either choose to watch all four videos, or their preferred days.

Now, E3 2018 properly starts in less than a week, so do not forget to join us over at Twitch! We launch our pre-show on Tuesday at 3:30 PM Eastern with coverage on Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Also, people can join our community for our E3 coverage and much more by joining our Discord!

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