Toho Opens Godzilla Island to the Public via YouTube

For a limited time Toho Studio’s is sharing Godzilla Island with the world! Godzilla fans can tune-in to the Godzilla Channel to view all 256-episodes of the series. With a new episode uploaded from Monday to Friday and each episode will be accessible for only four weeks. Luckily enough each episode is roughly 3-minutes long, so one can easily view the series within a few days. The series is a low-budget kid friendly show centered around the use of the Bandai Vinyls to tell weird stories on how the King of the Monsters, and other kaiju combat alien invaders. Below is the video to the series playlist:


Godzilla Island began its run on October 6, 1997 and ran until September 30, 1998. Shun Mizutani served as the series’ director, with Yutaka Aoyama narrating the series. For its limited human cast, Godzilla Island starred Jiro Dan otherwise known for portraying Hideki Go/ Ultraman Jack in The Return of UltramanGodzilla Island is also on sale in Japan, as a 4-disc premium box set for 16,800 yen!


Source: Crunchyroll

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