Transformers Unite Warriors UW-08 Computron Review

So far out of the all combiners that were released by Hasbro I was okay with the previously releases outside of Computron. I feel as though they really didn’t give much heart in designing their version and it was clear it was only made out of fan outcry since it seemed that the single boxed Scattorshot was the only on they were going to make. I am really pleased that Takara designed a much better version and I am disappointed that Hasbro made theirs at the last minute instead of releasing them in the line originally. The molds may mostly be reusing several molds already used in the previous Combiner Wars releases, but the amount of detail and retooling really helps the set pop and look great. Overall if you can get this set then I highly recommend picking it up. I got this from Bigbadtoystore.

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