Tsuburaya’s Redman Returns in a New Comic Series

Yesterday, comic artist Matt Frank announced his new project via social media, an officially licensed Redman series by Tsuburaya Productions. In addition, the comic will be produced through Phase 6, a Japanese publisher/ distributor for various comic series; including Matt Frank’s previous IDW works like Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth. Below the teaser image for the Redman comic, accompanied by Matt Frank’s (Spankzill85) original tweet:


In addition, we reached out to Matt Frank to ask him about the project, and how it all came together. This is what Matt had to say:

My publisher at Phase 6, the company that has been releasing Godzilla: Rulers Of Earth in Japan, has gained some nice notoriety for themselves by making the book a success. The head of the company, Andrew Hall, fell in love with Redman after Tsuburaya uploaded the classic episodes on YouTube. He then approached Tsuburaya (or “TsuPro” as they’re sometimes called), and they jumped at the idea. It then fell to me to develop the story and illustrate the comic!


I’m really excited. This is the sort of job that a fan-turned-professional dreams about but rarely happens. And since I get to write it myself, I get to explore some weird, interesting directions that are drawn directly from the original show!


For those unaware, Redman is another tokusatsu series produced by the creators of Ultra series, Tsuburaya Productions. The series consists of 138 shorts running for three to five minutes, as a part of the children’s variety program, Ohayo! Kodomo Show on Nippon TV from April 3rd to September 8th, 1972. In each episode the series’ titular hero, Redman would face-off with various aliens, and monsters. However, a majority of these aliens, and monsters were iconic characters/ re-used suits from the Ultra series. Furthermore in various battles, Redman would often brutally defeat his opponents. Now as Matt said, several episodes of the series has been uploaded to Tsuburaya’s Official YouTube Channel for streaming.


Source: Twitter

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