Uchu Sentai Kyuranger August Scans *Spoilers

Recently new scans for Uchu Sentai Kyuranger have surfaced online, which reveal new events that will be featured on the show throughout the month of August.

*Keep in mind this article contains spoilers so read at one’s discretion*

First, as shown at the end of the recently aired episode, the Kyurangers will be dealing with Don Armage’s elite force named the FukuShogun.  The FukuShogun is consisted of Tecchu, Kukuruga and Akyanba.

Next, it has been revealed that Tsurugi aka Houou Soldier, sacrificed his immortality in order to kill Don Armage.  He fought alongside the 88 warriors including Orion along with his Kuelbo.

Thirdly, the scans revealed a better look at KyuTamaJin.  KyuTamaJin’s main attacks are called the Meteor Boosters and the Ultimate Meteor Break.

Lastly,  it has been revealed that FukuShogun Akyanba will manage to warp Naga’s feelings leading him to become evil.  By using the DarkBlaster and the DarkKyuTama, he will henshin into HebitsukaiMetal.

Source: Dukemon


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