Ultra Casual Recap: Ultraman Orb Episode 1

This is an Ultra Casual review of Ultraman Orb episode one. We start off with this glowing guy fighting this monster of some sorts. For some reason this little girl is watching the fight. I’m just saying if it were me, I would have been out of there. Anyway little girl gets hurt..dies…it’s not clear enough but it seems like it.

Glowing guy changes back to a human and looks around at the destruction he and the monster he killed with his Star Saber of some sorts. I would feel bad for causing that much damage as well but he’s no Man of Steel Superman so we’re good.

Anyway, cue theme intro and I like the visuals. You see the main cast and what I’m guessing are Ultraman in the title sequence. I thought he was the first one but I was wrong.

Right off the bat, we get this scene of nothing but chaos and destruction. Apparently, a tornado touch downed, so I wasn’t expecting that. If I had to guess it might of been the bird that was spotted. From there we see this group of friends who are interested in this tornado. I’m guessing they’re storm chasers of some sort. Personally, I don’t know why people chase after these things but live your life “Something Search People”. I would have thought of a better name, just sayin.

We go to another scene where this truck driver, hears someone playing an instrument in his refrigerated truck which is 20 below zero for five hours. It turns out to be glowing guy’s human form. I guess you can say he had an ice ride. I mean he seemed a bit chilled getting out. I suppose he could walk around to thaw out..and I’m going to stop right here. I think the worst part was that he didn’t even pay the guy. He would have caught the hands from me.

Back to Something Search People, we run into them trying to Naomi’s uncle who seems to be disappointed..angry at SSP until the “Devil’s Wind” comes to town. I felt bad for the uncle since he was trying to keep them safe but no they want to go into the storm. Which leads SSP to collide with our residential Mister Freeze who identifies the bird as Maga-Basser and proceeds to disappear. If it wasn’t for Ultraman Orb, they would have died..like splat.

I did like that Maga-Basser did have a bit of history in the world. Maybe more of these monsters if they’re any could get the same treatment. Anyway, SSP decides to go chase the monster once more. From there Naomi goes on a coffee run and bumps into this weird guy dressed in all black. They have a bit of dialogue and dudes creepy. I wouldn’t want to run into him in any sort of private setting away from the public eye.

Maga-Basser is back at it again with the wind and Naomi is swept away. Lifted off her feet, something something aerial joke. Thankfully Joe Chill swoops in and saves her. The biggest reveal that Sub-Zero was Ultraman Orb was a pleasant surprise. I knew paying attention to the opening scene which I usually skip but something said to keep watching instead of fast forwardings. I’m sure hardcore Ultraman fans knew it from the start but for this guy, it was nice.

He proceeds to transform into Ultraman Orb by fusing two other Ultraman together. It reminds me of Dragonball Z where they had to do the fusion dance except this one has a better budget. Besides that, we get Orb who fights Maga-Basser. I was really rooting for Maga-Basser to a degree. I mean Tornados need love too and the SSP needs to pay their landlord.

So as the fight between Orb and Maga-Basser goes on. SSP is getting some of that footage to cash in. Creepy guy pops up out of nowhere and says that’s Ultraman Orb. I gotta say he seems pretty suspect since he knows a lot about Orb. I’m guessing he’s the bad guy but I thought the monsters were the bad guys. Ultraman fans, can Ultraman have bad guys who are human?

Ultraman Orb’s forms start’s to shift as he has one minute left to defeat Maga-Basser. He does wind up defeating him using his secret technique. After that, he powers down and captures the Maga-Basser spirit which becomes a card for Ultraman Mebius. I’m guessing we’ll see his power later on this season?

SSP goes and meet with Orb one final time. Naomi gives him his device back?? I don’t know, it’s not that defined what it is but it looks cool. Final scene is creepy guy who seems to have the same transformation device as Orb. Maybe they’re long lost brothers and he’s on the dark side?

Overall, this was a casual watch. I feel like new casuals like myself could watch this and enjoy it. In terms of ratings, I give the premiere 3 Casual Looks out of 5. Until the next recap, I’m XBen3000 and keep it Casual.

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