Ultraman Geed Episode 10 – I Read Minds Review

Following last week’s in-depth look at Laiha’s tragic history this episode of Ultraman Geed attempts to be highly comedic and filled with romance! Somehow Moa gets stuck being a bodyguard for an alien mediator bent on finding a boyfriend. In addition, this alien also hopes to fix Moa’s situation with Riku. Things cannot get worse from here, or can they?! … Also, a kaiju that has not been seen in almost 40 years decides to reappear!



The kaiju Zandrias appears on Earth, and AIB brings in an alien Zobetai to mediate with the beast. However, the plan is ineffective due to distance from the beast, as well as the Zandrias burrows underground. The Alien Zobetai, Satoko then decides while the monster is “napping” she can sight-see in Japan, and attempt to get herself a boyfriend from Earth. Moa is then assigned to be her overseer. This becomes a major problem for Moa, as Satoko does not understand Earth customs nor the concept of lies. In addition, Satoko constantly abuses her species’ ability to read minds of everyone around her. Furthermore, Satoko decides to take it upon herself to meddle in Moa’s affairs, such as try to play matchmaker for her and Riku.

Upon arriving at the Galaxy Market, Satoko mistakes the manager as the man of Moa’s dreams. Moa rushes out trying to stop Satoko from going any further with the accusations, as Riku appears confused. With Riku’s arrival Satoko then realizes her mistake, attempts to read Riku, and introduces herself as alien while realizing Riku is also an alien. Riku becomes flustered and tries to avoid her, as Laiha approaches them. The situation worsens when Riku explains living with Laiha was fate, as Reito and Mayu arrive to buy a snack. Mayu acts a little spoiled, and Reito tries to correct her behavior while Satoko interrupts. Satoko’s interruption offends Laiha deeply because of her distain for Earth customs. However, they are called back to mediate with the Zandrias.

Riku also heads out to face the kaiju and discovers Moa is a part of AIB. Yet, before Riku can grasp this revelation he is forced to reveal his identity as Geed to rescue both, Moa and Satoko from Zandrias. Shortly into the battle Ultraman Zero also appears to assist Geed, and eventually Satoko manages to read Zandrias. Satoko discovers this Zandrias is in fear of being heartbroken by his childhood friend. Moa becomes motivated and reasons with the Zandrias, by saying even if he is turned down at least being friends with “that person” is still special. Then Ultraman Zero assist the Zandrias by launching it back into space. There the Zandrias discovers its friend seeks to be its mate. After the battle Riku confronts Moa, and they both decide to keep one another’s affairs a secret. Watching over them is Satoko who finally understands how lies are not necessarily bad. Also, Zena discovers Reito is Ultraman Zero’s host…


My Thoughts:

Episode 10 nearly comes off as a filler-like episode however, due to Riku and Moa discovering one another’s secret-lives as well as Zena tailing Reito makes it a pivotal one. Majority of the filler attributes rely on Satoko’s search for a boyfriend, meddling in Moa affairs, and learning Earth customs. Furthermore, Zandrias’ reasoning to be on Earth was an addition to irony and themes based on love and relationships. The only good to come from all of this was the comedy, and maybe some of the romance.


My personal favorite moments from the episode was Moa’s moment of heartbreak when Riku said rooming with was fate, and when Moa encouraged the Zandrias. My reason for enjoying these scenes was because the audience saw Moa hilariously at her lowest, and seemingly at her highest. When Moa heard that Riku living with Laiha was fate, her heartbreak was hilarious due to being a misunderstanding and a typical trope for an Asian production. However, Moa would then take that heartbreak and sorrow to help encourage Zandrias. What captivated me was Mayu Hasegawa’s performance in the scene depicting Moa, as being hurt by expressing herself as it matched her current situation hit. The irony to all of this still is because Moa keeps believing Riku and Laiha are an item, only because they roommates. Yet, this is another trope found in several Japanese series.


One of the issues I had with the episode was the love story being used with Zandrias, especially since the series kept its titled as the Spoiled Child Kaiju; the two themes do not mix well at all. The Zandrias is not acting spoiled at all it, it just dealing with a bad case of anxiety. The kaiju was in fear of being heartbroken, which does not sound anything like being spoiled. Now, its tantrum at trying to possibly befriend, and/or play with Ultraman Geed in their battle could maybe be consider spoiled. I would have preferred if the main plot could have related more to the kaiju’s natural theme, but then it would have been another Reito and Mayu centered episode. Now, that I think about it this episode would have been perfect for Seagorath, and Seamons, from The Return of Ultraman.


Overall the episode is entirely fun to watch, and easy to enjoy. It may seem campy in some areas, or down right weird, but it does not make it a bad. I feel like this episode is also meant to be a calm before the storm since members of AIB realize who Geed and Zero. In addition, the next episodes will focus on Riku becoming Ultraman Geed Magnificient. Furthermore, the Magnificent form is meant to be his mid-level form like Thunder Breaster was for Orb. This means episode 11 is going to be a hype-fest, and possibly answer some questions!


Rating: 4 out of 5

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