Ultraman Geed Episode 16 – The First Day of the End of the World Review

In latest episode of Ultraman Geed, Belial will make his epic return! Belial will strike down upon the Earth, overpowering both Ultraman Zero and Geed. However, before that can happen we have to learn why Laiha has contracted a Little Star! Is it the one she lost years ago, or is it a brand new one?! Find out below…



Ultraman Belial frees himself from his sealed off hideout, and sets forth towards Earth. Meanwhile Laiha discovers she has contracted a Little Star, which warns her of Belial’s arrival. The warning scares Laiha, and makes Riku aware of the issue. When Riku catches up to Laiha, he figures out she has a Little Star. AIB also detects the phenomenon, and appears to ask if they may examine Laiha’s Little Star. Laiha complies but before she leaves she informs Riku of Belial; Riku then seeks out assistance from Zero! At AIB’s research facility, Laiha discovers others, mostly kids/ teens, who have Little Stars; these Little Stars each seem to host abilities from Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Ace, and Utraman Taro. However, upon their arrival Zena is called back to HQ…

Riku finally meets with Zero, as Lumina and Mayu play off in the distance. The two discuss Laiha’s situation, and how Belial is coming. Riku wonders the strength that his father possesses, and Zero answers how Belial is a living nightmare. Zero even includes though their fathers are different, both he and Riku have odd relationships with them. Yet, Riku worries what should he do when the time comes to face Belial. Zero’s only answer is that Riku is to choose his own life, and live it the way he chooses. Zero then takes his leave, so Reito and his family can return home for dinner. Whereas, AIB discovers Laiha never lost her Little Star years ago, she only suppressed it. Furthermore, they realize Kei must have spread the Carellen element years ago to manifest multiple Ultra Capsules. However, unbeknownst to AIB they have been invaded by a pair of Alien Godola’s bent on capturing the Little Stars.

Laiha and Moa taking on the Godola at the research facility, while Zena captures the one at HQ waiting for him. Laiha eventually overpowers the Godola in the research facility, but rather than surrender it enlarges itself. Riku is alerted of the situation, and heads over to rescue everyone. In the early moments of Geed’s battle with the Godola, Belial appears and kills the invader. Belial then proceeds to tell Geed, it is time to go home. Reito is forced to leave his family, and lets Zero take over. Zero orders Geed to stand back, and let him handle Belial! Yet, even as Ultraman Zero Beyond, he still rivals Belial. Geed interjects in the fight leading to a fight between father, and son. Belial decides to Fusion Rise into the mighty Chimeraberos, and absorbs Geed into his body, before fleeing to the moon.


My Thoughts:

Episode 16 is decent with one of its obvious flaws being the lengthy title; I am joking, but I do find it tedious to write out entirely. First off, I found the episode to have a very convenient plot; Laiha gets another new Little Star only to discover it was the one she “lost”. In addition, the Little Star warns Laiha that Belial is coming, and AIB also has located others with Little Stars. The time in which AIB located these hosts is left up to speculation from either being located over the course of a few episodes, or presently. Some viewers speculate if these kids/ hosts all acquired their Little Stars around the same time, and presently it was due to Belial drawing near.  If that be the case, that could make events seem less convenient, and more realistic within this fictional universe. Also, the Alien Godola subplot is just placed into the episode to add to the “lure of the Little Stars”, and make Laiha a badass. However, this feeling of convenience is probably due to modern series featuring low episode counts.


Now, what makes this episode standout is the fact that this is Belial first “real” on-screen presence in the series; as in he is on Earth in present time, and is engaging in an actual battle. This alone is groundbreaking since all of Belial’s past appearances were in movies, v-cinemas, and shorts. Whereas, Ultraman Zero at least made an appearance in tv series before Ultraman Geed, Ultraman X episode 5 to be exact. However, the battle may not look like it is amazing, or awesome; that is because the fight is meant to dictate an emotional story of Riku/ Geed becoming his own person. Riku does not accept Belial as his father, and he ensures he will stop Belial at all costs. Their muddy battle is depicted as very realistic, looking like a domestic violence dispute; the battle is different from the martial arts oriented battle one usually expects when two Ultras face-off. One thing that I personally enjoyed is how Belial seemingly could endure Ultraman Zero Beyond, as well as the dig he took at the Ultras from recent years. Yet, the battle with Chimeraberos is slightly underwhelming, and makes a viewer eagerly wait for the next episode; hoping that the next battle with Chimeraberos goes the distance.


Overall the episode is pretty good, but seems a little off due to pacing. I chalk up the pacing issue to the Alien Godola subplot that ultimately goes nowhere. Besides Belial’s first series battle, I liked that Alien Pitt, Tri-Tip, makes another appearance since her debut. In addition, I think people will like how Zero brought up how he and Geed are alike when it comes to “odd parental relationships.” Yet, for those unaware by what Ultraman Zero means, please revisit Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy The Movie for the full details. Never the less, the next episode will be interesting as Belial is seemingly trying to brainwash Riku/ Geed towards the dark-side. However, Ultraman King will appear to assist Laiha in trying to rescue Riku before it is too late. Furthermore, Ultraman King will bestow to Riku an all-new form to combat his father…


Rating: 3.5 out of 5

“I’m gonna see about you!”

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