Ultraman Geed Episode 2 – The Girl Who Cuts Monsters Review

Over a week ago, Ultraman Geed premiered in Japan, as well as in North America via Crunchyroll! However, to several fans surprise the first episode was simply a decent start. It was not awful nor was it amazing; it was just an okay beginning that at the very least set-up the foundation for the plot.



The episode opens on the store manager trying to light a fire at a shelter. His niece acts quickly to light the fire through pyrokinesis, which forces the family to flee the shelter. A mysterious swordswoman soon appears, following the trail of the girl. This woman also seems to remember the events clear from 6 years prior. Whereas, a news report reveals that the villain, Kei Fukuide is a famous author. The manager calls Riku to tell him things are fine, but inadvertently alerts of their issues with Eri. Meanwhile the family is attacked by Dada, and he captures Eri. However, the mysterious woman appears to rescue Eri, and in the chase, runs into Riku. Together they manage to save Eri, and chase off Dada. In his retreat, Dad ends up being killed by Kei who seeks to capture Eri, and obtain the Little Star attached to her; the Little Star is what causes Eri’s pyrokinesis, and is an invaluable power source that easily attracts aliens/ kaiju. This makes Kei decide to unleash Skull Gomora back onto the world.

The woman finally introduces herself as Laiha (Raiha) Toba, the monster slayer, and she picks up on Riku’s special abilities. She even goes as far as making it apparent to Riku, as Skull Gomora appears. Riku and Laiha reunite Eri with her family, before attempting to flee. However, Riku stops to Fusion Rise after coming to terms with his minor plot relevant issues. Ultraman Geed then sets forth to defeat Gomora once again, and manages to detach the Little Star from Eri. The Little Star is then revealed to be an Ultra Capsule, Ultraman Leo’s Capsule. Riku times out from being Geed, and quickly confronted by Laiha. In their confrontation, Riku convinces Laiha to work with them. This also, leads to her moving in with Riku and Pega the base which they now call the Nebula House. Riku is soon sent out to the store to buy supplies, and buys a book written by Kei Fukuide. Oddly enough, he runs into Kei while leaving and receives his autograph.

My Thoughts:

Episode two is slightly more enjoyable than the premiere since it features more action, and set-ups a few more things for the plot. In addition, it immediately answers the question as to why Skull Gomora sought out Eri. Furthermore, we get proper introductions to the series’ leading lady, and the main antagonist. However, the issues I had with the premiere such as the direction, dialog, and acting remains. Yet, these issues are things that I believe will remain for a majority of Ultraman Geed’s run.

Now, this episode mostly focuses on our heroine, Laiha Toba, who is portrayed by Chihiro Yamamoto, and the mystery behind Eri; that mystery being why was Skull Gomora after her. The mystery is quickly revealed to be that Eri has pyrokinesis due to encountering a powerful entity known as the Little Star. However, at first viewers are led to believe Eri’s pyrokinesis is an acquired ability due to genetic mutation, or she is an alien in disguise. That is until the Little Star makes an appearance, then eventually revealed to be a “lost” Ultra Capsule. It quickly closed off Eri’s significance to the series, but made viewers realize Eri may not be the only person possessed by Ultra Capsules/ Little Stars.


Then as for Laiha Toba, she is a mysterious woman who is hunting down aliens and monsters. Laiha seems to have a decent understanding of the Crisis Impact, and seemingly is in search for Kei whether she knows it, or not. This should lead to interesting battles, and confrontations between Laiha and Kei. Since Laiha is portrayed by Chihiro Yamamoto, one can only expect amazing stunts and fight choreography from her. Also, I have a feeling that once Geed concludes Sakamoto will find other ways to place Chihiro into any of his future productions. However, the reveal for Kei Fukuide was an amazing moment in the show, as he a famous author. Furthermore, Kei’s brief encounter with Riku was even more ominous and eerie, setting up how he knows Riku is Geed.


My only issue with the entire episode was Riku’s internal conflict, as if he should continue to become Geed, or not. That was a plot point that should have had more time to be developed on screen, because it would build his character. However, it is simply passed off as his nature of being an Ultra will compel him to fight no matter what. The whole story was overshadowed by advancing the overarching plot such as how Riku will obtain Ultra Capsules, and introductions to the main cast. This could be an isusse due to the Ultra series only having 25-episode seasons, or because of to the new head-writer.


Overall, episode two was seemingly a step up from the premiere. It featured more action, and tied up some loose ends. Now, next episode will feature Zero’s arrival to present action! With Ultraman Zero joining the fray sooner than later, as it should help to advance the series.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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