Ultraman Geed Episode 21 – Pega Runs Away From Home Review

The final five episodes are upon us now, and episode 21 finally looks back into Pega’s past; mostly how Pega came to meet and live with Riku! However, the episode is not entirely about Pega’s past, but more about a recent issue he had with Riku. This leads into them rediscovering their friendship while Riku must stop Kei from acquire a new Ultra Capsule that has appeared. Oddly enough this Ultra Capsule has attached itself to a rampaging kaiju, more exact a Gubila…



An earthquake strikes the area and at the Nebula House, Pega drops Riku’s Donshine clock. The fall breaks the clock, and Riku becomes angry with Pega resulting in an argument. The conflict leads Pega to run away from home, and trying to find his way in the world. Meanwhile Reito is experiences a weird issue with his leg, as he and his family are on a fishing trip. In addition, the news broadcasts expect the earthquake to be caused by a kaiju. Pega runs into some minor trouble, as he accidentally reveals himself to store owner while trying to purchase a new Donshine clock. The store owner is easily startled by Pega, but attempts to scare him off. However, Pega is already fleeing for his life!

Eventually, Riku heads to work where he runs into Moa, and she realizes he is upset. Whereas, Pega manages to finally gets away from the store owner. Pega soon realizes though that he is at the very same spot where he first met Riku. Meanwhile, Moa and Laiha convince Riku that he must go find his friend. Ironically Pega also concludes that he must return home, but as he tries to a random Gubila appears. The Gubila is discovered to be the cause of the earthquakes, and random paralysis people like Reito are getting. Gubila can cause paralysis due to a Little Star which is putting the monster through pain.

Gubila almost kills Pega, but Riku manages to save him. The two quickly make up just as Kei arrives as Pedanium Zetton. Kei seeks to acquire the new Little Star, but Riku sets forth to stop him. Riku quickly becomes Royal Mega Master to combat Kei, but soon discovers Kei has been studying his abilities. Realizing that Kei might beat Ultraman Geed the Gubila gets involved using its Little Star to paralyze Kei. This allows Riku to defeat Kei, and separate the Little Star from Gubila. Riku and Pega then quickly re-solidify their friendship, and head home where Pega fixes the clock. Whereas, Kei plots to obtain the Kaiju Capsules in AIB’s possession.


My Thoughts:

To be honest this episode is just okay. There is nothing too spectacular about the events, or overall story. Pega and Riku get into a childish argument that is an issue they would easily overcome. The only lesson to be learned is do not let trivial things affect a friendship. However, the episode could have also worked on the character traits for both Riku, and Pega like Pega’s cowardliness. Furthermore, the episode is just to serve as a method to present how Riku encountered Pega. Until this episode, the viewers only knew Riku rescued Pega because Riku could see him. In addition, the viewers knew they met one another around the time Riku was in 6th Grade. Yet, the episode still uses Tatsuomi Hamada at age 17, to depict Riku at roughly age 11 or 12.


Never the less, episode 21 is technically an episode people could skip if they choose to. It is in a grey area where I would consider the episode to be filler; it sets up the events for Kei next move in episode 22. From the previews at hand, Kei is going to make a play for the Alien Empera and Dark Lugiel Capsules. However, Kei is not entirely going to get what he wants, so he will create a new Belial Fusion that was originally a stage show exclusive, King Galactron!


Rating: 3 out of 5


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