Ultraman Geed Episode 24 – The Fragments of Hope Review

After this week’s episode of Ultraman Geed, the series is finally over. However, there is still the movie, but that will take some time to release and conclude this story! Yet, until then let us enjoy the possible epic conclusion to Ultraman Belial, as this could be his sendoff…



Ultraman Belial Atrocious re-introduces himself to Earth, and explains that he will soon continue where he left off during the Crisis Impact. Belial’s power is now so immense that even the Land of Light can sense it. AIB contacts Riku and the others to inform them that Belial is absorbing Ultraman King’s lifeforce to strengthen his own. However, Laiha recounts her examination from Alien Pitt, Tri which may hold the key to their survival; Laiha suggests using Tri’s research to see if they can negate the Carellen elements. Luckily enough AIB does have the means to create an agent to negate the elements, but it will take time to manufacture. The plan is use Zero as a decoy, and use the Nebula House to spear head Belial with the manufactured agent to beat him.

The group is given ten hours to relax, so Reito returns to his family. Once home, Reito attempts to balance his duty as father, and come to terms with the fact tomorrow maybe their last day. Whereas, Laiha attempts to locate Kei, as Zena further develops their plan to nullify Belial; Zena hopes to revive Zegan and use its abilities to lock Belial in a temporal void he cannot escape from. Morning finally comes, and Reito takes his family out to a high-end restaurant for Mayu’s birthday. Reito spoils both Mayu and Lumina with unique gifts before taking them to an amusement park. Yet, during their day out Lumina begins to worry about Belial, and finally confronts Reito, to tell him she knows he is an Ultraman. However, Lumina is not mad, she just wished Reito was honest with her, before wishing him luck as he is called off to act as the decoy.

Ultraman Zero takes over, and Belial is easily baited, as Riku launches the Nebula House (originally the Neo Britannia). Meanwhile, the citizens take shelter while Kei reappears, but during Zero’s growing battle with Belial no one notices him. Lumina and Mayu return home, and met by Kei who continues to be loyal to Belial; Kei uses Reito’s family as hostages to assist Belial’s fight. Yet, Laiha arrives soon after to stop Kei, but the damage has already been done. Belial easily begins to weaken Zero, and Riku is unaware of the developments to their counteroffensive. However, Riku quickly realizes their plan to stop Belial may not succeed in the conventional method, so he steps in as Ultraman Geed. Riku saves Zero and Leito from Belial, before informing his father that he is now his opponent… 


My Thoughts:

Episode 24 “The Fragments of Hope” is maybe in my top five episodes for this series, because I really enjoyed it. I personally like how the episode focuses on the counter offensive staging to combat Belial, even when it will not go off exactly as planned. For me seeing the heroes focus on how they may defeat Belial added to the depth of what the problem at large is, but keeps a sense of optimism. In addition, having Laiha recount Alien Pitt, Tri’s research, and Zena realizing Zegan may hold the key to victory makes the situation feel grounded. Using the series’ established “logic of science” also makes a decent counterbalance to Belial’s new increase in power; it allows viewers to understand that while Belial strips power from other sources in attempt to acquire infinity power it can still be taken from him.


Whereas, Reito spending the day with his family is like the cherry on top of a sundae. Each scene with the Igaguri family is magic adding to the emotional depth that this could be their last day. Reito spoils his family with gifts, and Lumina concern with each passing minute makes it more of an impact. The fact Lumina knows Reito is an Ultraman is also cool troupe to revisit for the franchise, as other installments have had characters that knew the protagonist was the Ultra. However, these characters only sought to learn this secret directly from the source rather than ultimately confronting them; I find this as the characters like Lumina only want to carry the burden the hero has rather than them feeling like they are alone. In addition, they can accept this secret through an honest confession than forcing the revelation. Now, the only thing I think that is missing from this scene between Reito and Lumina is involvement from Zero. I wanted him to convey some sort of apology towards Lumina, and ensure he would bring Reito back.


Now, the battle between Ultraman Zero and Belial is good. The two go back and forth seeming to be equals even at this point in the series one would think Belial would overpower Zero, but seemingly he could not immediately. Belial did not seem to gain the advantage until Kei stepped in to assist him, but I believed Belial held back to toy with Zero. Kei’s devotion to Belial adds to the tension, but remains so that Laiha can resolve her issues with him. Yet, everything will not conclude until the next episode! In finale, even Father of Ultra will appear to assist our heroes in their battle with Ultraman Belial Atrocious. Furthermore, Ultraman King will reappear to bring forth an all-new miracle!


Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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