Ultraman Geed July Scans *SPOILERS*

Today, the new scans for the July issue of Televikun Magazine have been released online. The scans feature events for the upcoming episodes of Kyuranger, Ex-Aid, and Ultraman Geed! In addition, the scans also feature teasers to the upcoming summer movies. This post we will be presenting the Ultraman Geed portion, which focuses on Geed’s various forms and their attacks.


Please keep in mind that scans do count as spoilers, so one should continue reading this article at his/her own discretion


Primitive’s Abilities!

Ultraman Geed’s base form is Primitive which combines the powers of both Ultraman, and Ultraman Belial. In his Primitive form, Geed’s strongest attack and signature move is the Wrecking Burst. However, in this form Geed possess other abilities like the Geed Tackle, Geed Barrier, and Wrecking Throw. In addition, Geed can summon his weapon the Geed Claw, which has two confirmed moves, Claw Cutting and the Corkscrew Jamming.

Fusion Beasts, Other Aliens, & Zero to the Rescue!

Kay Fukuide is not only able to summon the mighty Skull Gomora, but he can summon another Fusion Beast, Thunder Killer! However, Kay will not act alone in trying to defeat Geed, as he will be joined by various other aliens from previous series like Dada. Yet, Geed will not be alone either; for if he needs help Ultraman Zero will appear! Together the two will work together in defeating threats like the Fusion Beasts, and Zero’s evil counterpart, Darkclops Zero.

The Powers of Solid Burning & Acro Smasher!

Each time Ultraman Geed unlocks a new form, he will discover it also changes his ways to attack! Starting off with Solid Burning, Geed utilizes the strong-style of Seven and burning passion of Leo! Solid Burning allows Geed to access the Geed Slugger, which he can throw or attach to either his wrist or ankle. When Geed has the Slugger mounted to his wrist it allows him to perform the Slugger Punch, and when on his ankle it performs the Slugger Kick. Now, as Solid Burning, Geed’s signature attack is the Strike Boost! Then when Geed assumes his Acro Smasher form, he acquires Hikari’s raw power and Cosmos’ healing ability. The form grants Geed the ability of enhanced speed and agility. In addition, Geed can summon the Smash Beam Blade rather than use the Geed Claw. Furthermore, as Acro Smasher, Geed has two alternative signatures the Atmos Impact, and the Smash Moon Healing rays.

Game-Exclusive Ultraman Geed Tri Slugger!

The final scan is the preview for the second confirmed Data-Carddass exclusive form for Ultraman Geed, which stands alongside the first exclusive Shining Mystic. For those who may be unaware, Shining Mystic is the fusion of Ultraman and Ultraman Zero Shining. Now, as for this new form for Ultraman Geed, it is the fusion of Ultraman Orb Emerium Slugger, and Belial! The result of this combination is Ultraman Geed Tri Slugger


Source: Ultraman League

Translator: ProtomanV89

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