Ultraman Orb Episode 7 – A Future Shrouded in Fog Review

After last week’s failure of an episode, I hope to enjoy this newest episode of Ultraman Orb! The newest doesn’t seem to connect to the previous episode as the preview for the episode seems to show, but let’s see if the episode is pivotal to the entire series at hand. Hopefully it is because I do not want to go through another Episode 6!


A girl dreams of monster with bright blue eyes, and awakens to sketch its outline as well as update her blog; saying that the dreamt monster will appear in Wing Elephant Park the following day. S.S.P. soon discovers the girl’s blog, Haruka’s Dream Blog, and immediate wish to meet the girl after discovering she predicted correctly the appearance of the previous six monster attacks. Naomi manages to convince Haruka to come meet them at S.S.P.’s office that day, and attempts to discuss her ability to premonitions. In the discussion Naomi mentions dreaming of seeing an Ultra fight, which in her mind flashes back to Orb battling Zetton, and how it makes her believe it is connected to Orb. Gai makes the situation awkward and Haruka leaves. She soon has another dream of the kaiju, Hoe, and Gai transforming into Ultraman Orb to fight it while dozing in the park. Gai also tries to confront her, but discovers she discovered his identity, so he tells her the truth and how she is can be valuable to save the city. However, Haruka tells how her premonitions only lead to bad things and never anything good. Yet, he tells her how one can’t change the past, but can change their fate.

Later that night Haruka attempts a second time to warn people of the attack on her blog, but is meet with negative criticism. Haruka finally goes to bed, and dreams of Orb dying in battle against the monster. Haruka is finally woken up in the morning when Hoe make’s it true appearance, and she rushes to stop Gai. Once the two meet and Gai realizes the kaiju is Hoe, he understands Haruka unintentionally created the monster from her sorrow and fear. The only thing aside from defeating the monster as Ultraman is that the one who summoned the monster must have hope and be positive. Haruka manages to realize this and helps change Gai’s fate, allowing him to destroy Hoe. A day or two later Haruka sends a thank you letter to Naomi, and how she sees the error of her way. Soon after Haruka runs into Gai saying she had a dream about him, specifically about an obstacle he will surely overcome, the Belial Card.

My Thoughts:

As an avid fan of the Ultraman franchise this episode uses a plot that can be seen typically explored frequently, as the Ultra series love to use espers or telepaths who can predict the future and normally hate their gift, but learn to love it after meeting the Ultra of the series. However this episode also throws in homage to Ultraman 80 (also on Crunchyroll) with the appearance of Hoe and the use of Minus Energy forming from Haruka’s despair. Now, having these two plots/themes intertwine worked perfectly in my opinion to focus on how one can be his/her own worst enemy and the will to change one’s own fate. The overall episode meant to be highly inspirational, learning from past mistakes, and to overcome fate/destiny because it is not set in stone, so one can forge his/her own path.

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Aside from morale of the story, and its inspirational purpose I found the episode to be highly foreshadowing of several future events. The first event the episode foreshadows is the build up to revealing Ultraman Orb’s Origin Form, since the series continues to use the flashback of Orb battle Zetton. However that flashback also foreshadowed something else entirely new in the episode, something that I sort of foreseen as possibility but now probable, which is Naomi could be the reincarnation of the girl from Gai’s past. Now, that is going out on a limb, but that is something the audience could gather from Naomi mentioning dreams of seeing an Ultra in battle, and the dream sequence shown to be the mainly used flashback. If the reincarnation storyline would be approached, I could see it pivotal in how Gai could regain his ability to become Origin form. The final thing the episode is not a surprise, but more building towards the debut of Thunder Breaster in September. I honestly look forward to this form the most since it will most likely center on Gai overcoming Belial’s darkness and evil to then use the powers for good.

Overall I felt that Episode 7 is probably the third best episode in the series thus far, and is the first to be tied with Episode 4 at a perfect score. This episode truly is an inspiration, and honestly a feel good episode one must see. After watching it the viewer with not just be uplifted, but highly entertained by the story and effects. Now, as for our next episode I see it as possibly being rather unique and comedic as it will be focusing on the kaiju, Ragon, which is a questionable favorite of mine. So until Episode 8 airs for those who have not yet seen this episode, go watch it or for those that have seen it, view it again and refer it to others!

Rating: 5 out of 5

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