Ultraman Xead Toy Catalog Revealed

Recently the first toy catalog for Ultraman Xead has surfaced online, which reveals the first concrete details about the series. First, it has been revealed that Ultraman Xead is the son of Ultraman Belial.  The series will premiere on July 8.

Ultraman Xead will be able to henshin using the power of Ultra Capsules, which utilizes the powers of the past Ultraman and Kaiju. By using the Xead Riser he will be able to initiate his fusion ability called Fusion Rise.

The catalog featured some details about some of his forms, which include:

  • Ultraman Xead Primitive (Base Form) : Ultraman Belial + Ultraman
  • Ultraman Xead Burning : Ultraseven + Ultraman Leo
  • Ultraman Xead Acro Smash : Ultraman Cosmos + Ultraman Hikari
  • Ultraman Xead Magnificent: Father of Ultra + Ultraman Zero

Next some new details about Ultraman Belial were revealed.

Ultraman Belial will be able to use the power of some older Kaiju, which include:

  • Skull Gomora: Gomora + Red King
  • Thunder Killer: Ace Killer + Eleking
  • Betanium Zetton: Zetton + King Joe
  • Secret Form (Possible fusion of Arc Belial + Juggler)

Next, it has been revealed that Ultraman Xead’s weapon will be called the Xead Claw. The Xead Claw will be compatible with the Xead Riser, although the exact details about its function is not known at this time. Ultraman Xead will be able to store the Ultra Capsules into a belt holder.

Lastly, it has been confirmed that Ultraman Zero will be getting a new form.  Using the power of the Ultra Zero Eye Neo, he will be able to henshin into Ultraman Zero Beyond.


Source: Heroshock


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