Ultraman Z Promotional Video & Details: Forms, Transformation Gimmick & Theme Songs

Today, Tsuburaya Productions released new information regarding their upcoming series, Ultraman Z. The new information consists of Ultraman Z’s forms, transformation items, and additional cast/ staff. Interestingly enough, this press release from Tsuburaya also reveals the series will feature a major guest star, Riku Asakura/ Ultraman Geed (with Tatsuomi Hamada returning)! However, we are getting ahead of ourselves, so let us start with our star and titular Ultra, Ultraman Z.


As previously reported, Ultraman Z will link himself to the human, Haruki Natsukawa (portrayed by Hirano Kohshu). In the series, to transform in Ultraman Z, Haruki will require the use of the Ultra Z Riser. The Ultra Z Riser responds by scan specific items called the Ultra Access Cards and Ultra Medals; these items are the collectible gimmick for the series’ toyline. Also, the Ultra Z Riser can double as a weapon, as well as scan the transformation items for more powerful attacks. In addition, Riku Asakura will obtain an Ultra Z Riser which will allow him to unlock a new form.

Now, Ultraman Z will have three additional forms besides his base form where he combines the powers of three previous Ultras. Ultraman Z’s first form is called Alpha Edge, which combines Ultraman Zero, Ultraseven, and Leo. It is an obvious trio of masters and students, so it ties into the franchise’s legacy perfectly. Whereas, Ultraman Z’s second form is called Beta Smash, which combines Ultraman, Ace, and Taro. However, this trio is rather odd, as the only connection is between Ace and Taro being brothers. Yet, the form resembles a beefy luchador, so we love it. Then as Ultraman Z’s third form, it combines the Heisei Trilogy of Ultraman Tiga, Dyna, and Gaia together to form, Gamma Future; this combination/ form literally blew our staff away, as most of us got into the Ultra Series through those shows or via the New Generation Heroes era! Furthermore as mentioned earlier, Riku Asakura will unlock a new form through his Ultra Z Riser and Ultra Medals. As Ultraman Geed, his new form is called Galaxy Rising, which combines Ultraman Ginga, X and Orb. The combination is mostly likely a reference to the fact their series’ were chronologically before Ultraman Geed, as well as a reference to Ultraman Zero’s Beyond form.

Alongside the press release, Tsuburaya Productions released this promotion video that highlights Ultraman Z’s forms, and how the Ultra Z Riser works. The video also includes a teaser trailer for the actual series.

Also, the press release featured additional information regarding the series cast and staff. Directing the series is Kiyotaka Taguchi, who previously directed both Ultraman X and Ultraman Orb. Ultraman Z’s voice will performed by Tasuku Hatanaka, who is better known for voicing Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal’s Yuma Tsukumo. The series’ opening theme song titled, “GOSHOWA KUDASAI WARE NO NA WO! (Chant My Name!)” will performed by legendary singer and JAM Project member, Masaaki Endoh. Whereas, the ending song titled, “Connect the Truth,” will be performed by Nami Tamaki. In addition, both track singles are scheduled to release in July.


Ultraman Z is still slated for its June 20th premiere on TV Tokyo in Japan. The series features Ultraman Zero mentoring the newest Ultra Hero, Z during his mission to Earth. Yet, upon arrival to Earth, Ultraman Z will join with the human, Haruki Natuka, a member of the anti-monster robot force ‘STORAGE,’ and together they become to young heroes. In addition, Ultraman Z is the 32th installment in the Ultra Series, but the 24th televised program in the franchise. Furthermore, the series is the second to air within the Reiwa era, while being apart of the New Generation Heroes saga.


Source: Ultraman Galaxy

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