Voltron Week – Day 6: Voltron Legendary Defender Deluxe Voltron Review

For Day 6, we assemble our Legendary Lions to form Voltron, Defender of the Universe! This new incarnation is a hefty 16″ inches tall and now activates further sounds within the Black Lion featuring dialog between our pilots, the other paladins besides Shiro. However, the Deluxe Voltron does have significant flaws! There is quality issues among the toys where Blue’s and/or Yellow’s front legs cannot endure the weight of the combination as the heels; it is a rare occurrence that is now being noticed further by the fandom too. Another issue with the legs that may occur is that one or both legs may be loose when attaching to Black. The arms and shoulders have their own problems such as the hind legs for Red and Green block the flow of the elbows, and that the shoulders of Black must rotate to further pose the upper the body. The shoulder issue is normally though everyone’s preferred flaw of the design, and with its assembly because of those damn square pegs! Now, mine maybe lemon but with others discovering the issues too it probably could foreshadow future updates and newer versions needing to be made…

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