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Allow us to properly introduce ourselves; we are Hero Club, a website that originally began as Toku Anime News a blog/podcast which launched the careers of many of its founding members. From our humble beginnings in 2011, we sought out to find our identity and became a freelance team which led us to establish connections within the Internet Community; from various sites like Herotaku (which many of our team are associated with), Rajio Nihon, and the Broken Infinite, as well as Youtube. During this time we established our identity within Herotaku as members of its core team, as writers and contributors, and we lost our focus on TAN.


In December of 2015, Billy had an idea that we (TAN) needed to regroup and re-establish the brand and try again. The team was hesitant on the idea of re-launching due to the various projects that many of us were involved with. To be honest, it was a long time coming, but by Spring 2016 everything had clicked and we decided to move forward with the re-launch. The core team originally consisting of Billy, Richard, and Ben came up with various ideas for the re-launch to which it leads to the addition of Michael, as an additional consultant to the project. Following the addition of Michael, other friends namely Anthony, Chris and Hanu (Darkon) sought to join the crusade. Now, among the ideas for the re-launch of TAN, Richard suggested that a re-brand might be necessary and that ultimately led to him coming up with the group’s new moniker, thus Hero Club was truly born.


However, instead of simply renaming the original blog of Toku Anime News, and changing the various social media accounts attached to it, we thought to start off fresh and begin anew. We decided to keep our former “home” as a symbol and monument of “Where It All Began”. As Hero Club, we are a site dedicated to creating content based on popular Tokusatsu, Anime, Cartoon, Comic and Video Game series and Professional Wrestling. It does not matter what type content or format it is, but you our readers can bet it will be featured on the site. We appreciate all the support and expect nothing but our best as we repay you with excellent and entertaining content…. We are Hero Club!

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