Wonder Twins Live-Action Movie Coming to HBO Max

We have some casting news for the Wonder Twins movie coming to HBO Max. Zan and Jayna will be played by KJ Apa and Isabel May. Honestly, I am a bit mixed about this casting news since the Wonder Twins have always been seen as people of color even thought they are aliens. So, a part of me understands as to why some people are upset at two POC looking characters are now white. At the same time, I am usually of the mind of when a POC is cast as a white character. I’m usually fine with it since the white character nine times out of ten. Their race doesn’t necessary play into their background so for the most part. I can overlook it because in my mind, worst case scenario if it doesn’t work out depending on the character. Nothing was lost to an extent, I mean sure we may not see that character back in live-action for a minute but eventually they’ll come back. So it’s a bit of a blow seeing a white actor and actress cast as a POC character even though they’re aliens.



That being said it’s also the Wonder Twins and to be honest heroes. I don’t…I don’t really care about the Wonder Twins. I know I’m sorry, I’m not Soundout but they’ve never been anyone’s jam. Like point the twenty Wonder Twins fans and I’ll shut up for the evening so I don’t really have a horse in this race. All that to say, it’s coming to HBO Max sometime in the future with the help of Black Adam director Adam Sztykiel. Maybe it will be good who knows? Let us know how you feel down below in the comments and I’ll talk to you later.

Source: DC Comics

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