Wonder Woman 1984 to Debut in Theaters and HBO Max

In some Wonder Woman news, we’ve learned that Wonder Woman 1984 will debut in theaters and HBO Max on December 25, 2020. This was a shocking move by Warner Bros as they have been adamant about their films going to theaters and not automatically going to a streaming service the same day. I’m shocked because I was expecting Disney + to do this with Black Widow. So the fact that WW84 is not only going to HBO Max but it’s free. That’s right, free is a game changer for sure.

When it came to Disney releasing the live-action Mulan film. So many people were upset that they had to pay extra in order to see it. At the same time I understand you have to make some type of money back given current events but so many people were displeased. I’m hoping WW84 will be a success on HBO Max and get more people into that streaming platform. That said, will you be seeing Wonder Woman in theaters or stream it at the comfort of your own home? I’m hoping with this move that Disney will release Black Widow to their streaming service. After being pushed back twice this year, I think fans just want to see Black Widow at this point and move forward.

Source: Variety

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