Wonder Woman: Bloodlines Trailer

We have the trailer for the next DC Animated film which is Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. I’ve been excited for this since it was rumored and then confirmed that she would be getting another animated film. The one problem I do have with it is that it’s another origin story from what the trailer shows. I was hoping it would be more than that and from the clips we see it is but I can’t be the only one tired of getting a Wonder Woman origin story when we could be doing something different with her. Like she has stories that you can pull from like “The Circle” by Gail Simone. You could do “Eyes of The Gorgon” which is Wonder Woman dealing with Medusa. “Blood” which was the first volume of the New 52 Wonder Woman series but was well received by fans. Yes, I know the last one is an origin tale to a degree but it did add something new to the table. All I want is for people to see more sides of one of my favorite DC Comic characters. Just give her an animated series on DC Universe app and I’ll keep my subscription. As always trailer down below and let us know what you think.

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