Zoids Wild Project Announced

Takara Tomy recently held a press conference where they revealed that a new Zoids project is the works. The project will be known as Zoids Wild. Under this project several products and productions will be made including a new anime series, new model kits, a video game for the Nintendo Switch, and more. The anime series is currently in production and is currently set for a Summer 2018 release and a manga series will also be released in the Corocoro magazine.

Takara Tomy also provided a trailer for the series on their official Twitter page.

International fans should recognize the franchise as the first three anime productions aired on Cartoon Network. The final series anime based on the Zoids franchise titled, “Zoids: Genesis,” did not have an international release. “Zoids: Genenis,” aired in Japan in 2005-2006 so it has been over 12 years since the last anime series based on the franchise has been produced.

The main “Liger” in the series will be known as the “Wild Liger,” which will be apart of the first wave of model kit releases for the series. One of the other Zoids models include the “Gill Laputa,” which is apart of the Dinonics species. Both models are set to release in June 2018 and priced at 3,000 Yen. Other currently unnamed Zoids species that will also be produced are based on the Proganoceris, Sarcosus, Beetles, Scorpion species, Stag beetles, and Brachiosaurus species. The main models are stated to use a motor similar to previous Zoids models, however the inner skeletons will apparently be more intricate than previous incarnations. Additional information includes the new Zoids will not come on runners and are made to be assembled right out of the packaging.

Currently no other details about the project has been confirmed at this time, so please stay tuned for updates.


Source: Inside Games Japan, Takara Tomy Twitter



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