20 Rider Kicks Kamen Rider Belt Reissues Announced

J-Hero has updated their Twitter page with a magazine scan that reveals that Bandai will be reissuing some older Kamen Rider belts, which will be under the “20 Kamen Rider Kicks” banner. Pre-orders for the belts is stated to open on October 1 in Japan and each will be released sometime this December.  While only four rider belts are revealed at this time, hopefully more belts especially pre-Decade belts will also be reissued in the near future as well.

The confirmed reissues include:

  • Kamen Rider Decade Decadriver with Rider Cards : 7,500 Yen
  • Kamen Rider W Double Driver with Cyclone, Joker, Luna, Trigger, Heat, Metal Gaia Memories : 7,500 yen
  • Kamen Rider W Lost Driver with T1 Skull and Eternal Gaia Memories : 6,500 Yen
  • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Buggle Driver with Dangerous Zombie Gashat : 6,500 Yen

Source: J-Hero

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