[Official Images] Hasbro PulseCon 2020 Marvel Legends

Hasbro PulseCon is currently underway and during the event they revealed several new Marvel products that will be released. Pre-orders for some of the revealed products are currently live at the various retailers.

The reveals include:

Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame Marvel’s Stormbreaker


Marvel Legends Silk (Fan Vote Winner) – Hasbropulse Exclusive

Marvel Legends Hellfire Club Guard – Hasbropulse Exclusive


Marvel Avengers Game Wave 2 – Joe Fixit Build a Figure

  • Gamerverse Stealth Captain America 
  • Gamerverse Atmosphere Armor Iron Man 
  • Classic Falcon
  • Kang
  • Thunderstrike
  • Jocasta

Marvel Retro 3.75 Inch

  • Iron Man and Cyclops
  • Black Panther and Captain America
  • Spider-Man and Electro
  • Iron Man and Black Panther (Foil Card) – Chase


Additionally, Hasbro also took a look at some of the other 2021 reveals. None of these reveals currently have set release details are confirmed at this time.

These reveals include:

Into the Spider-Verse Wave 1 – Stilt Man

  • Miles Morales
  • Ghost-Spider with Peter Porker
  • Hand Ninja

“Bring on the Bad Guys”

  • Arcade
  • Classic Dormammu 

Deluxe Classic Thanos


Silver Surfer – Walgreens (North America), EBGames (Canada)

House of X Powers of 10

  • Moira McTaggert
  • Professor X
  • Magneto


Retro X-Men – Target (North America), Toys-R-Us (Canada)

  • Classic Gambat
  • Classic Rogue




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