After War Gundam X Collection 2 Blu-Ray Release Details

Following last month’s announcement of After War Gundam X Collection 1 Blu-RayRightStufAnime has opened pre-orders for the second half of the series. Scheduled for release on May 5, 2020, the set contains episodes 20-39 in Japanese audio with English subtitles. Special features include Clean Openings 3-5 and Clean Closing 3. The set has a list price of $74.99 but is currently available on RightStuf for $48.74. There is no trade-in program page listed for this set yet, but one should appear on RightStuf’s Trade-In page soon.

Gundam X V2

The remnants of the old government have reorganized to form the vicious New United Nations Earth. The new government seeks complete control of the planet, in order to reignite the war against the Space Revolutionary Army. One side sees Newtypes as the future of humanity, while the other sees them as weapons threatening its very existence – and with the Frost Brothers manipulating the situation, the fighting is quickly spiraling out of control. Hoping to stop the war before it starts, Garrod, Tiffa, and the crew of the Freeden continue their search for Newtypes. If they bring enough Newtypes together, will they find a path to peace?


The DVD version of After War Gundam X Collection 2 previously released on July 15, 2016. The cover art for the Blu-Ray release is different from the DVD release and we have a comparison below. Blu-Ray on the left, DVD on the right.

Source: RightStuf Anime

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