Angel Manuel Soto to Direct DC’s “Blue Beetle” Live-Action Film Adaptation

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Angel Manuel Soto will be directing the live-action film adaptation of the Blue Beetle. For those who unaware, there have been multiple incarnations of the Blue Beetle in DC Comics. The first incarnation of the character named Dan Garret made his debut appearance in Mystery Men Comics #1, which was released in August 1939. The comic was released and created by Charles Nicholas Wojtkoski under the name Charles Nicholas. The character was originally created for Fox Comics, which was later purchased by Charlton Comics and later taken by DC Comics.


The film will focus on the third incarnation of the character named Jaime Reyes. This version of the character debuted in 2006 in Infinite Crisis #3. The character later went under the alias “Blue Beetle” in Infinite Crisis #5, which was released later in the same year. Jaime Reyes was created by Keith Griffen and John Rogers with illustrations by Cully Hammer. Jaimes’ introduction retconned and expended the mythos of the Blue Beetle. The character would inherit the power of the Blue Beetle, which now stemmed from alien origins. After the death of Tedd Kord, who was the previous Blue Beetle that was introduced in 1966 by Charlton Comics, he be became the new hero to take the mantle.


No other details about the film is available at this time so stay tuned for updates.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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