Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 1 “Destination Dinohenge” Review

Hey guys, this is ZeltraxMillennium and I am back with an all-new episode review. This time I will be looking at the premiere of Power Ranges Dino Fury. Also, let us see if I can make it past three reviews unlike when I tried with Ninja Steel. Now, like my previous post on Dino Fury, this will be my first major reaction to the episode. In addition, I will try to point out references where ever I can find them. Nevertheless, let’s get started with this review…


Firstly, unlike Beast Morphers, Dino Fury starts with its opening credits. There is not a 6-minute cold open, and we get straight to the point. The theme song itself is okay, it is not bad, and it could have been worse. Also, I have spent too much time discussing my thoughts on the theme over social media, so let’s move on.


We officially begin with Amelia, our Pink Ranger, driving to work on her moped, that is covered in stickers. The stickers are based on various cryptids and supernatural stuff like Nessie, Big Foot, ghosts, etc. Heck, with Hasbro having the toy rights to Ghostbusters, I would think they would try sneaking it in. So, upon arriving at her job BuzzBlast, a media and entertainment company, we meet Amelia’s boss, Jane. Their interaction focuses on Amelia’s love for the supernatural, and how she wants to write about it. However, Jane is very hesitant towards Amelia’s love for the supernatural, as she does not think it will benefit BuzzBlast. Yet, with Amelia ahead of her schedule, Jane allows Amelia to pursue an investigation of the local mysterious landmark, Dinohenge.

Now, I see Amelia and Jane’s dynamic similar to Kara and Cat Grant from Supergirl. Jane obviously likes Amelia’s work ethic, but she thinks Amelia’s hobby is not financially good. It makes me wonder if it is exclusively due to Amelia’s work ethic, that she is still employed at BuzzBlast. Whereas, BuzzBlast itself is very topical with the setting being a great change from the typical high schools we have gotten. Also, I think the BuzzBlast set is a redressing of Ninja Steel’s Summer Cove High School. Furthermore, the series has never featured a Ranger as a reporter before, so it is a definite change of a profession. The closest thing to a Saban-based protagonist as a reporter was VR Troopers’ Caitlyn Star at the Underground Voice Daily.


Anyways, as Amelia heads towards Dinohenge, she is equipped with an electrified-net cannon. It makes me wonder how much money she spent on it, and how it could work on ghosts. However, instead of snaring a ghost, she catches our Blue Ranger, Ollie. After exchanging small-talk the two realize they are heading to the same location. Once they are at Dinohenge, they meet with Ollie’s mother, an archeologist trying to uncover the location’s mystery. Yet, they are only able to get a scan off the location before they are interrupted by Park Warden Garcia. The warden exclaims how the group is trespassing, and they must leave at once. Then Warden Garcia escorts Ollie’s mother to the station to file a report, while Ollie and Amelia pack up their gear.

This scene at Dinohenge reminds me of actual trespassing stories, like the various ones at the House of the Book. For those unaware, the House of the Book was the building used for the Command Center’s exterior shots. I came to this subtle comparison since the Dinohenge is above what is the Dino Fury team’s base of operations. Whereas, Dinohenge’s statues give an odd Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog vibe, but I do not know why. Also, among the dialog between the characters, we learn Ollie is very logical and does not believe in most supernatural things. Yet, I am pretty sure the series will test Ollie on his beliefs.


So, while Amelia and Ollie continue packing the gear up, our villain Void Knight appears from space. With Void Knight’s appearance, it leads to our heroes hiding and watching his every move. Void Knight has come in search of a power source, which leads to him unearthing a passage to underground chambers; these chambers are obviously the team’s base, which is most likely a spaceship too. Amelia and Ollie follow after Void Knight, leading them to a fortified room that is armed with weapons and robots. There Void Knight confronts a cybernetic dinosaur name Solon, leading to our heroes getting involved.


Ollie arms himself with a ChromaFury Saber, and Amelia tries to turn Void Knight into fried chicken with her cannon. However, Void Knight breaks free and takes control of the robotic Hengemen, before they can be used against him. With the Hengemen under his control, Void Knight has them attack our heroes, so he can continue his search. Yet, as the chaos ensues, Amelia and Ollie are selected to become and transform into Power Rangers. Whereas, Solon works hard to awaken Zayto the Red Ranger from his cryostasis.

Now, this is an interesting set-up as to how the modern-day Dino Fury Rangers get their powers. However, it is similar to Beast Morphers when Devon and Zoe accidentally acquired their powers. Yet, it does not bug me too much, as the sequence of the Morphin Grid bestowing the powers looked amazing. I personally love how Hasbro is making the Morphin Grid matter even more to the series. It is embracing the legacy of the franchise, and the work being done within the Boom comics. Also, I adored the music that accompanied the scene, as it is very appropriate for the situation. Our new composer Bert Selen already has my trust, unlike his predecessor Noam Kaniel.


Whereas, the origins for the Hengemen were changed drastically from their Sentai counterparts, the Druidon Soldiers. In Ryusoulger, they are the basic villain foot soldiers, but here they were drones formerly used by the Power Rangers. Also, the Power Key to control the Hengemen is essentially a repainted and re-stickered blank Ryusoul. In addition, I think the Hengemen’s voices are provided by the same actor who voiced the Rinshi in Jungle Fury. So, if this assumption is correct, then it fits perfect with Void Knight as he is voiced by Jared Turner. For those unaware, Mr. Turner previously voiced Power Rangers Jungle Fury villain, Phantom Beast Whiger. The casting is most likely coincidental, but it also works toward brand synergy.

Eventually, Void Knight locates the power source he has been searching for, the Sporix Eggs; these items that we come to learn about more later are the monsters for this season. While Void Knight begins to leave with the Sporix Eggs, Solon manages to awaken Zayto to assist our new Rangers. During the battle Zayto asks Void Knight on how he acquired his armor, raising questions for the audience to ponder. My theory is Void Knight is an Evil Ranger, rather than having obtained the armor, or being controlled by it. Also, it could work as it would not contradict how Void Knight’s ChromaFury Saber works with the Power Keys. I just hope that may be the case, since it would be original than adapting Ryusoulger’s Gaisorg story.


Now, in an attempt to stop Void Knight, Zayto transforms his ChromaFury Saber into a bowie knife and throws it. However, Zayto’s throw is deflected into the container holding the Sporix Eggs, freeing them upon the Earth once again. Void Knight chases after the Sporix, and collapses the entry point to cover his escape. Upon reaching the surface, a Sporix hatches into a monster named Shock-Horn, who has a Texan accent. Void Knight joins with Shock-Horn, and informs him that they now must hunt down his siblings. Meanwhile the Rangers regroup, and they de-morph to properly introduce themselves. Zayto is revealed to be an alien from Rafkon, and he has been in stasis for over 65 million years. Zayto does not take the news too well though. Also, we learn Zayto’s alien ability is to read minds, so it speeds up their introductions. It may even allow Zayto to share his thoughts, as he goes into the history of the Dino Fury Rangers.


Their origin begins with Zayto and the Knights of Rafkon, who tried to defend their planet from Sporix Beasts. The knights were unsuccessful in their battle, and their surviving forces pursued the Sporix Beasts to Earth. Upon arriving to Earth, they joined forces with the planet’s dominate species, the dinosaurs. Yet, the Sporix were still too strong for them, but when all hope seemed lost, the Morphin’ Masters intervened. In their intervention, they bestowed upon the Knights of Rafkon the ability to become Power Rangers. Unfortunately, the original Dino Fury team could only contain the Sporix Eggs, and Zayto was the sole survivor. However, Zayto currently plans to reform the Dino Fury team to once again save the planet.

So, where should I begin on the final scenes of this episode? Well, I should probably start with Russel Curry’s performance as Zayto. With the few minutes we have Zayto de-morphed, Curry manages to portray a wise and harden soldier. Yet, while having been fighting for a longtime, Curry shows Zayto is still able to be compassionate. It shows Russel Curry has decent range as an actor. Also, I really love how Zayto turned the ChromaFury Saber into that knife; I really want one of those released at retail. Whereas, I love that Hasbro is not abandoning or downplaying the knight theme of Ryusoulger. Instead, Hasbro is fully embracing it, and sort of hamming it up with the Knights of Rafkon.


Then the biggest surprise within Episode 1 is the involvement of the Morphin’ Masters! The Morphin’ Masters, themselves, were only referred to in Episode 7 of MMPR, and occasionally in the comics. Yet, here in “Destination Dinohenge,” they make their first official and canonical appearance. Also, the Morphin’ Masters designs even resemble their appearance within the Boom comics. Furthermore, with their appearance Hasbro is not keeping the Gold Ranger, their various power-ups, or Zords a secret. As seen during the flashback, Zayto explains in due time Amelia and Ollie will unlock their various abilities. The sequence seen though is footage from Ryusoulger’s finale, where practically everything imaginable is on display. However, if there is a Gold Ranger, then why is their weapons missing from the base? Perhaps, the Gold Ranger managed to survive the battle, and prolong their life on Earth.


Overall, this episode is a fantastic return to form, much like Beast Morphers’ premiere. The world feels alive with Power Rangers known to exist in it. This means Dino Fury takes place in a mainline universe rather than Dino Charge’s world. Then we have characters that are likeable, and get equal amounts of characterization. Zayto only appears for around 5-minutes, but Hasbro’s team manages to tell the audience who he exactly is. Whereas, Void Knight is interesting because he requires power unlike other villains. Yet, this emphasis on needing the Sporix leads me to believe there is something more to Void Knight. Nevertheless, I highly recommend fans to checkout “Destination Dinohenge,” and I cannot wait to see what is next! Anyways, I have been ZeltraxMillennium, and I will return next week with another episode review.


Final Grade: 4.5 out of 5 Power Keys

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