Animagear, Bandai’s New Model Kit Series for Children

Bandai recently unveiled a new model kit series with its target audience being younger kids called, Animagear. The kits resemble a mixed hybrid of Mobile Suit Gundam’s G Frame figures with motifs similar to both, Zoids and Medabots. However, these kits are in a smaller, palm-sized scale and feature an easy assembly for builders.


Animagear introduces its products via a photonovel set in the near future. The titular robots are the main focus of the story set within a digital age where kids build the Animagear, communicate with them, and use them to battle. In this world, Animagear are assembled from a Bone Frame core, Nick Cowl armor pieces, and Blood Sticker decorative seals.

Currently, the story is centered on Kyo Amakusa, a fifth grader, who loves building Animagear, specifically customizing his signature, Galeo Striker. In addition, Kyo is joined by his next door neighbor, Sakura Momiji, an Animagear expert who owns a Dualize Kabuto and makes Animagear videos online.

The first wave of Animagear figures consist of five different types: Galeo Striker, Dualize Kabuto, Dualize Kabuto Army-Type, Arms Guillotecker, and Sonic Eagllet. Each figure can alternate parts with another Animagear, leading to the multiple variations being formed. These are sold as candy toys with individual figures ranging from 300 to 500 yen apiece. Set one is already available to pre-order at various online hobby stores, with the release date scheduled for August.

Currently, there is no confirmation on if this toyline will be obtaining an anime adaptation. However, there still maybe a chance depending on how well the Animagear toys sell. Nevertheless, for those interested in the series please stay tuned for more possible updates.


Source: Bandai, ANN 

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