August 2022 Pokémon Presents Streamed

Earlier this morning, The Pokémon Company recently held a new Pokémon Presents, which featured more details about several of their game titles.

First, the Pokémon Company revealed details about the 2022 World Championships, which will be held in London. This year will feature new categories, which includes Pokémon Go and Pokémon Unite. Next, the presentation featured new updates for Pokémon Go. The latest Pokémon Go Fest will be held in Sapporo Japan and will feature the Ultrabeasts. The finale of the event will be held on August 28 and players around the world will be able to participate in this event. Additionally, players will also be able to see Pokémon not normally seen in the wild including Shaymin, who will be available to those who finish certain objectives. Daily Adventure Incense will also be available in the game and has the ability to attract Legendary Pokémon.

Third, the presentation took a look at the 1 Year Anniversary update for Pokémon Unite. The update will allow players to access new events and campaigns such as the Pika Party Quick Battle. In this special battle, all Pokémon in the battle will be Pikachu. Buzzwole will also be added as a new playable character in the game. More events will available starting in September. Players will also be gifted Unite licenses and Holoware for Pikachu, Lucario, Blastoise, Snorlax, and Slyveon.

Fourth, the presentation took a look at a new update for Pokémon Masters Ex. The update will feature a new area called the Trainer Lodge. The update will also focus on N, Professor Sycamore, and Rosa. Fifth, the presentation took a look at an update for Pokémon Café Remix. Mewtwo will be returning to the game and revealed that Latios will also be coming to the game at a later date. The game will also be featuring a new campaign, which will allow players the ability to try and unlock Latias and Victini.

Lastly, the presentation revealed new details for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Players will be able to explore the Paldea Region in any order they wish. Players will be attending an academy and will be able to explore the world to find treasure. The game will feature three main stories. The first main story is the usual Gym Battles that can be tackled in any order the player wishes. Not much is known about the other two main stories, however the featured trailer does showcase some teasers.

The presentation also took a look at several characters the player will encounter through the game.

Some characters featured in the trailer include:

  • Professor Sada
  • Professor Turo
  • Mr Clavell – Academy Director
  • Mr Jacq – Homeroom Teacher
  • Nemona – Rival
  • Arven – Upper Classman
  • Penny
  • Grusha – Ice Gym Leader

Continuing on, the presentation featured a look at some new Pokémon species, which include:

  • Wooper (Paldean Form)
  • Fldough
  • Cetitan

Players will also be able to access the Union Circle, where up to three players can journey together. The presentation also revealed the new special Evolution system known as Tersetal Phenomenon. The Tersetal Phenomenon will allow Pokémon to potentially become new forms that will give them boosts. Some Pokémon who Terastallize will be able transform based on the Tera type such as Flying Pikachu or Eevee Grass/ Water types. Players will also be able to join in Tera Raid Battles, where they can have the chance to find rarer Tera type Pokémon. Players will also be able to receive a Flying Pikachu via Mystery Gift until February 28, 2023. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18, 2022.

Source: The Pokémon Company


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