Discotek Media Announces Space Sheriff Gavan the Series on Blu-Ray

Recently, Discotek Media announced at their Otakon 2022 panel that they will be distributing another Metal Hero series on Blu-Ray. Now, this time the company will be distributing the original Metal Hero series, Space Sheriff Gavan! For those unaware, the entire Metal Hero franchise began with this show in 1982 and it consisted of 44-episodes. The series stars legendary tokusatsu actor and stuntman, Kenji Ohba as the titular character. Whereas, the series premise is about an intergalactic cop named Retsu Ichijouji who transforms into Gavan to battle crime syndicates. However, throughout the series, Retsu Ichijouji is stationed on Earth defending it from Don Horror and the Makuu. Yet, another element of the show features Gavan trying to uncover what happened to his missing father, Voicer. Surprisingly, Voicer is also portrayed by another amazing action hero, the legendary Sonny Chiba. Nevertheless, Discotek Media is planning to release the entire series on Blu-Ray in full HD.

Currently, Discotek Media has confirmed the Space Sheriff Gavan set will only include the original series. Whereas, the 2012 sequel film, Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie will not be included with the set. However, the set will include a movie-length reunion discussion with lead actor Kenji Ohba, and director Osamu Kaneda. Also, the release features a photo gallery from the series, and historical essay by Mike Dent. Furthermore, while original tweet did not include the release date, Discotek Media has confirmed it will be this October.


Source: Discotek Media’s Official Twitter

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