Bandai Namco Reveals English SAO Hollow Realization Trailer & Collectors’ Edition

Yesterday, on their American YouTube Channel Bandai Namco released the first English trailer for the upcoming PS4/Vita title, Sword Art Online Hollow Realization. The trailer in question is an English version of the third Japanese trailer, as none of the in game text has been translated yet. The game is set to come out sometime this fall, with no announcement yet as to whether this installment of the franchise will finally have an English dub or not.

At the end of the trailer one can see an image of the PS4 Collectors’ Edition, which along with the game itself will contain the following:

    • A Steel Book Case
    • A pair of 6-inch statues of Kirito and Asuna in their Aincrad outfits
    • A bonus Blu-Ray Disc
    • A 2 Disc Soundtrack
    • A Collectors storage box
    • Mini Posters and Decals
    • A Hard Cover Artbook


No announcement has been made as to if there will be a Vita CollectorsEdition or physical release.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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