Baymax! Animated Series Announced

Disney recently announced during their Disney+ Day presentation that they will be streaming a new series based on Big Hero 6 on their platform. The series will be titled, “Baymax!,” and will stream on Disney+ in Summer 2022. For those who are are not aware, Big Hero 6 is an animated film by Walt Disney Animation Studios. The film was released in 2014 and was inspired by the Marvel Comics series of the same name. The film was followed up by an animated series titled, “Big Hero 6: The Series,” which premiered in 2017 and ended its run earlier this year with a total of three seasons.

A big hero will rise ●—● Baymax!, a Disney+ original series, is streaming on Disney+ Summer 2022. #DisneyPlusDay

Check in with everyone’s favorite healthcare companion in a trailer for his new Disney+ Original Series. “Baymax,” Walt Disney Animation Studios’ first-ever animated series, starts streaming exclusively on Disney+ in Summer 2022.

After seeing both the film and the animated series I can easily say I am excited to see this one as well. It will be interesting to see more of Baymax, however hopefully he will not overstay his welcome since he worked well on the team and may not work so well on as his own. That being said it seems that this series will be more of a “slice of life” kind of show rather than an action show so we shall see how this turns out. 

Source: Disney

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