BiSH & Miyuu Perform Fairy Tail: Final Season Anime’s New Theme Songs

The official Fairy Tail website has revealed that BiSH will be performing the new opening theme song for the anime titled, “More Than Like.” Additionally it has also been revealed that Miyuu will be performing the new ending theme song titled, “Exceed.” Both themes will premiere with the episode that will air on July 7.

The currently running theme song titled, “NO-Limit,” is performed by Osaka☆Shunkashūto, while the ending theme song, “Lullaby for Me and You (Boku to Kimi no Lullaby), is performed by Miyuna.

The final season of the anime premiered in Japan on October 7. The series is also being simulcast on Crunchyroll and FunimationNow with English Subtitles. The English dub is also available on FunimationNow.

Source: ANN, Official Website

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