Castlevania Season 4 Trailer Streamed

Netflix recently updated their official Youtube channel with a trailer for Castlevania Season 4. The latest trailer features a look into the fourth and final season of the series. The final season seems to feature the trio returning to where all the chaos began and try to stop the return of Dracula. As reported earlier the season will consist of 10 episodes. The third season of the series premiered on the service on March 5, 2020, and it was released on home video on March 23, 2021. The fourth season of Castlevania will premiere on Netflix on May 13.

Overall I really enjoyed the series up to this point, although I do admit the previous season was questionable at times. Regardless, it was quite the ride to see a really good adaptation of the Castlevania game series and it is nice to hear that more shows based on universe may happen one day. The trailer has gotten me quite hyped for the final season and hopefully it will end off with a bang.

Source: Netflix

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