Invincible Season 2 & 3 Confirmed

Today, we got confirmation that Invincible will be receiving a season two and season three thanks to the show’s official Twitter account. Now, I could not be happier to see this show is getting the love that it deserves. Comic fans need to watch this series, as it is one of the best superhero shows to be recently produced. I highly recommend heading over the Amazon and watch the series right now, as the season finale premieres this Friday. Also, given how tense episode 7 was for Mark Grayson, I assume episode 8 will be something that everyone will discuss on Twitter.



Finally, readers please let us know what you think will happen in the finale and your opinions on season 1. For me, being an avid reader of the series, I have an idea as to how it will go down. However, the show has kept me on my toes, so I cannot say it will follow the comic with a page by page adaptation.

Source: Twitter

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