Cosplay Cafe 02: Fiona Nova

What’s going on club members? First off Happy Tuesday! That said I’m back at it again with another Cosplay Cafe interview. This time we have the wonderful Fiona Nova coming through the cafe. As always links to her social media are down below.


What were you like growing up? What were some of the things you were into as a child/teenager?

I was (and still am) very international! When I was growing up, I would move a lot from different countries and meet different people! I loved fashion and was always interested since my mother was a model in France. Fashion and Video Games and Anime were my thing. I was OBSESSED with pokemon and sailor moon when I was younger! When it came to video games, I really wasn’t the fps (first person shooter) type of girl, I really just loved super mario, legend of zelda, or anything nintendo related tbh. I also really loved tetris at that time, i would play it constantly 😀

2. Who or what inspired you to get into cosplay?

It was actually my little brother. He too was into everything I was into. Once we moved to NYC, he couldn’t stop talking about this New York Comic Con, which I had no idea about. I thought it would only be about comic books which I wasn’t a huge fan of, but he forced me to come and bring him anyways, which i did. He was the one to wear a costume, and I didn’t know why so I just wore regular clothes. The cosplays were SO amazing, and since I was into fashion, it was just the most amazing thing I could’ve seen! I was super excited and asked my little brother if I should do that, in which he told me I should! And here I am 😛


3. What has been your biggest triumph so far in cosplay?

My biggest triumph would be when someone recognizes me at a convention or even on the streets, It’s actually the biggest triumph and INCREDIBLY flattering. It absolutely makes my day/week/month. ESPECIALLY if they tell me that I inspired them in any way.

4. What is it like working with Ron Gejon Photography? I’ve noticed you two collab on a few things the past year.

He’s fucking amazing. Every time a cosplayer comes to me for photography recommendations, he is literally always the first one. He is very talented and super sweet. I’ve done 2 boudoir shoots with him, and he made me super comfortable and they came out amazing, i love him, go check out his work!


5. Off topic question, what are you some of your goals for this year?

Some of my goals would be to appear in a cosplay magazine probably! I also want to grow my twitch, and be able to stream full -time while creating cosplays.

6. Your Emma Frost cosplay was the first cosplay I saw of you in and it looked amazing. What went into making Emma Frost and shooting where you did?

Emma frost was actually a really secret cosplay I was working on little by little. It wasn’t my top priority. It was very simple though! Nothing too crazy. A lot of sewing, measuring, and mistakes, since it was the first time I was making a corset-like top. For the shooting, it was actually in my backyard at my house in upstate NY, and it was my little brother who took those pictures for me! He is super artistic, and if I could I would bring him to all the conventions I go to so he could be my personal photographer hahaha! But yeah it was super cold, my ass was freezing, but it was worth it ;D


7. Second off topic question, favorite food?

Oh god this is hard… I’m italian so pasta is my favorite and is always my go-to. I also really love ice cream and cupcakes…. I have a huge sweet tooth hahaha

8. Patreon! For those who don’t know, Fiona Nova has a Patreon up and running. So tell fans what they can expect from you on that platform?

YES! I do! That’s also another platform I want to grow on because it can help me INCREDIBLY when it comes to cosplaying 😀 Over there you will get exclusive pics that no1 else has seen! You can also get some boudoir shots, and best of all, you get prints sent to you every month (and other goodies) ❤ I’d def recommend signing up if you’d like to see what happens Behind the scenes and stuff.


9. You did a lot of cosplays last year. From Junk Rat, Harley Quinn, Nick Wilde, and Princess Serenity to name a few. Which cosplay that you made helped you grow as a cosplayer the most?

My junkrat got ALOT of attention which I think helped me grow during the summer! So I believe that one was my top cosplay of 2016.

10. Any cosplays you plan on tackling this year?

SO many, but I’ve got to limit myself haha! I’m currently working on Widowmaker, and Ice Drake Shyvana for Katsucon in Feburary. But other big ones for this year is Nova from Starcraft, and Typhlosion gijinka from pokemon 😀

Photography by Akiran. Judy Hopps is MyHankoko Cosplay

11.What conventions are you attending this year?

Katsucon, ACEN, AWA, Colossal Con, Anime Expo, Youmacon and hopefully Blizzcon (or twitch con).

12.Final question, anything you want to say to your fans?



Social Media

Thank You Fiona Nova for coming through the cafe. I’m looking forward to seeing you at Katsucon this year! Links above are all of her social media links. So be sure to follow and support.

Coming to the cafe next is…..


JS Cosplay! Until the cafe opens again, I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!

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