Cosplay Cafe 03: JS Cosplay

What’s going on Club Members? Happy Monday, today JS Cosplay came through the cafe. It’s always a blast catching up with her. For  OG Cosplay Cafe fans, she was the first person I ever interviewed for the segment. So it’s really thanks to her, I got comfortable doing this segment.  All I can say is thanks! Thanks to JS Cosplay taking a chance on me. I’ve been able to really turn this into something I’m proud to do. Enough with that, let’s get on with the interview.

Photography By Shutterfoo


  1. What were you like growing up? What were some of the things you were into as a child/teenager?

    I was pretty outgoing as a child, but once we moved I changed 180. I dealt with a lot of racism and bullying, so I was pretty closed off and reserved going into my teenage years. I started playing video games when I was around 6 and never really stopped since. I liked JRPGs, MMOs, CLAMP, Evangelion, Pokemon and Harry Potter mostly. I also started drawing in elementary school and it stuck with me for many years after. I wish I had more time to draw again!

    2. Who or what inspired you to get into cosplay?

    I had minimal sewing experience tailoring my own clothes, but it wasn’t until a friend of mine told me about the idea did I start making cosplays. We made our first cosplays together for AX, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Cosplay encompasses a lot of my interests, so I clicked with it immediately. I wanted to bring my favorite characters to life and make some art.

    Photography By Harrison Wong
    Photography By Harrison Wong

    3. What has been your biggest triumph so far in cosplay. Last time we talked, you said it was your Nepgear cosplay. Since then you’ve grown in your cosplay skills.

    I think I have grown in different areas, such as makeup and wig styling. I also think my overall portrayal of characters has improved a lot.

    4. So I’ve noticed you’ve been doing some fashion shoots from time to time.What got you into doing them? Also, saw your recent portrait work with Saffels Photography, wanted to give praise to the both of you because that portrait was great.

    Thank you! He’s a super chill friend so working with him is always fun. I’ve always been interested in fashion, so for me it was just a natural thing to do. A lot of cosplay photographers also like fashion shoots, so it’s usually a collaborative effort.

    Photography By Trevor Toma
    Photography By Trevor Toma

    5.Will we see more photos of your Raven cosplay? I dug your choice of choosing a darker color for the cape along with your makeup choices.

    I will be uploading some more edits! Thank you 😀 The colors were very intentionally chosen…I wanted to translate her into real life. I asked myself what Raven would look like in our world, and went with the darker colors and makeup style.

    6. Continuing from the Raven question, you mentioned that it was a “teenage dream actualized” so how has Raven influenced you growing up? As a Teen Titans fan, Cyborg impacted my life in a positive way.

    I watched Teen Titans with my sister all the time! Raven was always my favorite, I think because I related to her personality and her relationships with people. Her personality is very multi-dimensional.

    Photography By U.V Photography
    Photography By U.V Photography

    7. Noncosplay question, what was your favorite anime series from this year?

    It’s hard to say because I spent most of my free time playing games this year (Overwatch is extremely addicting…). I think Love Live Sunshine was the big excitement for me this year, although most of my friends are talking about Yuri on Ice.

    8.Second none cosplay question, what are you looking forward to in 2017?

    I’m looking forward to personal growth and projects with my friends. I have some personal goals I would like to work on this year

    Photography By Roger Lee Photography
    Photography By Roger Lee Photography

    9. What’s it like working with other cosplayers on props? I know Junkers Cosplay made your weapons for Felt and Rory. Meanwhile Squidbot cosplay made the head clips and gun base for your Racer D.Va.

    Working with other cosplayers is always great. I really enjoy collaborating with other artists to create something we both love. With Junkers Cosplay I got a ton of hands on experience, since I was usually in the shop helping with the props. I feel like everyone involved always learns something. Squidbot does amazing stuff, so I was happy to help promote their D.Va stuff! We work together and pool in our strengths to create a complete package at the end, and it always feels really rewarding.

    10. Any Cosplay plans you can hint at for 2017?

    I can tell you that I have a plugsuit lined up and some Fate Grand Order cosplays in the making

    Photography By Indiglue
    Photography By Indiglue

    11. What was your favorite convention of 2016?

    My favorite convention of 2016 was probably Anime Expo. I got to see so many friends and meet some awesome people from the east coast!

    12.Final question, anything you want to say to your fans?

    To my fans, I want to say that I am very thankful that they support my work and follow me along this journey. Cosplay is a great way for people to connect and share their love for art, games, and anime. I’m just really happy to be a part of the community.

Photography By Splittony
Photography By Splittony 

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Be sure to follow JS Cosplay on all of her social media.  Again it’s always a blast catching up with her. Coming to the cafe next time is…..


Carpe Diem Cosplay, until the cafe opens again. I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!

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