Cosplay Cafe 22: Life of Cosplay

Happy Friday club members, XBen3000 back at it again with another Cosplay Cafe interview. This time I was able to sit down and talk to Life of Cosplay. So get to know her and I’ll see you at the bottom.


Photography by Kendra J. Harriston Photography

1. What were you like growing up? What were some of the things you were into as a child/teenager?

My interests varied from one day to the next: from playing street hockey, to forcing my guy friends to play with Barbies, to catching toads and trying to sell them. I didn’t have cable or video games growing up so my parents put me in a lot of cool summer programs to keep me busy. I was also a military brat so I moved a lot and learned how to make friends quickly.

2. Did those things influence who you’re today?

This is a “Nature vs. Nurture” kind of question. Yes, I learned from all the experiences I gained, but they don’t necessarily define a large portion of who I am. My relationship with my family and God influence me the most.

Photography by Dan Arango Photography


3. How was BlerDCon for you this year? Did it live up to your expectations for its first ever con?

BlerDCon was fun! It was nice to be part of a smaller convention; the atmosphere was a lot more chill. I didn’t know what sort of con it would be, so I honestly had no expectations either way.

4. Staying on the topic of BlerDCon, how did your panel go?

Being as the con was so small, I shouldn’t have been surprised by the small turnout. I think there were about 10 total people in the room, and half of them have seen my panel before. I’m worried that my lesson didn’t reach and help the audience it was intended for: cosplayers who are just starting out.

Photography by SF Design

5. What goes into some of your Disney princess cosplays? Specifically the process of making some of their ballgowns/dresses.

Confession time: I don’t usually make most of my stuff, haha. I usually buy them used, but sometimes I’ll commission and sometimes I’ll make one. In regards to the first part of the question: research. It helps to know my character, understand what makes them tick and – oh yeah – know every one of their songs by heart. When I’m cosplaying a princess and I see a kid I immediately kick into method acting until they’re no longer within sight/hearing. Being a princess (especially Anna) is so enjoyable because there’s a lot of wonder, innocence, and happiness that I get to emulate and they just feel so wholesome.

6. Off topic question, favorite food?

Sushi. No wait, pasta. No wait. Uhhh… ICE CREAM! (I can’t play favorites)

Photography by Purple Horse Designs & Photography

7. Do you have any tips for wig styling? Your wigs are fantastic, to say the least Life of Cosplay.

Research research research! I rarely have to do much styling, but when I do I watch all the videos I can get my hands on and ask experts in forums and on Facebook. So far, I have a one-hit-one-kill record; I’ve never messed up a wig. My go-to products are wig wax and wig hairspray. Yes, they exist and yes, they are incredible.

8. Any advice you can give to someone starting to cosplay?

Everyone has their own reasons to cosplay and everyone encounters different struggles. I would suggest finding a cosplay sempai you want to emulate and ask them questions. So I guess my advice is: “ask for advice,” lol.

Photography by Dan Seiter Photography

9. You’ve done a lot in the cosplay community. From starting meetups so cosplayers can have their photos taken. To be featured in magazines and doing volunteer hero/princess work. What is it about cosplay that keeps you in the community?

It’s a blast! I’ve only ever been to two conventions before I started cosplaying. I took a look around me at all the fantastic costumes and though “Yeah, that looks like fun. I’m going to do that.” I tried going incognito BlerDCon but only lasted three hours before I rushed home to change. It’s also easy to do cool things while cosplaying: going on photoshoot adventures, meeting new friends, and volunteering with kids. At this point I feel like I can’t //not// cosplay, lol!

10. Are you working on any new cosplays at this moment?

I’m moving to Europe for a year (I go where the military sends me) and will be slowing down during that time. When I come back I have a huge list of characters I want to be: Ariel, Esmeralda, Fiona (Shrek), Hange Zoe (AoT), Lady Amalthea (Last Unicorn), Nora (RWBY), Professor Trelawney, and Vanellope von Schweetz.

Photography by Fantasy N Cosplay

11. What conventions can people find you at later this year?

NOVACON 2017. That’s the last one I’m attending before I move overseas.

12. Final question, anything you want to say to your fans?

Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!

Photography by Sam Apple Cummins

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Be sure to follow Life of Cosplay on all of her Social Media platforms. It was a blast talking to her and I hope to have her back in the cafe once she’s back from overseas. Until next time, I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!

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